In the era of cloud communication, software is beginning to emerge as the agile alternative to hardware.

Businesses are starting to invest more of their budgets into things like softphones and cloud tools to connect dispersed workforces. However, even in the age of cloud computing, endpoints still have a part to play in the communication world.

Whether it's the desk phone that boosts your employee's productivity by translating the language of a client in real-time or a camera that supports video conferencing, endpoints are still everywhere. However, just like many other components of the business landscape, endpoints are changing. We're not restricted to the dumb plastic desk phone anymore. Now is the time for intelligent devices.

The Evolution of the Endpoint

In a world where office workers need to accomplish more each day, the basic desk phone isn't always enough. Fortunately, endpoints are evolving to suit a range of needs. Today, we have AI-enabled conference phones that come with their own virtual assistant installed. There are mobile business phones that you can carry with you around the office, so you never have to be separated from the information and connectivity you need.

On top of that, the endpoint is continuing to evolve beyond the standard "phone" too. Today, we have everything from wearable devices like smart watches to noise-cancelling headsets, video conferencing systems, and more. The age of the endpoint isn't over, but it is evolving to suit the needs of a new generation. The question is, how do you navigate the complexities of this new endpoint environment?

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