Online Event Management Buddy: Cisco Webex Events

Cisco Webex Events is a lifesaver for event managers and marketers

Online Event Management Buddy: Cisco Webex Events

Global communications and connectivity giant, Cisco, delivers intent-driven networking solutions across the WAN, cloud, and on-premises branch. Its comprehensive security, automation, and analytics capabilities have won several awards.

The Cisco Webex suite of services is delivered on the Cisco Collaboration Cloud; its Events centre is geared to address common challenges like venue costs and travel expenses by engaging remote audiences with highly interactive content, while also increasing lead numbers. Cisco Webex Events is pegged as an end-to-end event and webinar management platform.

Inside Cisco Webex Events

Let us consider Cisco Webex Events’ various features and how effective they really are.

  1. Pre-event planning and promotions

The solution lets you automate email management, with personalisation templates geared for easy customisation. You can also push for revenues by managing online payments via credit cards or PayPal, driving event acceptance with discounts and promotion codes.

  1. In-presentation features

You can use Cisco Webex Events’ high-quality videos to display up to five videos of the presenter and the panellists.

You can also choose to zero-in on a specific panellist while supporting up to 3000 participants in a non-video enabled session and up to 500 in a video-enabled one. There are also virtual private rooms for presenters and panellists to practice their speech; and, of course, there is a wealth of multimedia content for speakers to choose from and enhance their presentations.

The flexible integrated audio comes in three options: toll or toll-free global teleconferencing, two-way VoIP, and audio broadcast. There’s also the option to track and answer incoming questions from the audience, as well as monitoring functionalities to assess audience interest through real-time polls and attention indicator tools.

  1. Post-event follow-up and lead cultivation

Once the event is done, you can share a post-event URL for the attendees to download additional information. There are also post-event surveys and follow-up emailers which you can automatically send out. You could evaluate registration/attendance metrics with customised reports and lead source tracking.

In fact, all the data collected from the event can be directly transferred into a CRM or a marketing automation tool such as, Oracle On-Demand CRM, and Eloqua. Finally, you can capture all participant information and automatically assign lead quality scores.

Why Cisco Webex Events Makes a Difference

The Cisco Webex Events platform offers several critical functionalities essential in any online event management scenario. It really works well when conducting an event with multi-locational audiences, while also managing costs. You can push audience engagement levels with the platform’s compelling multimedia content and high-quality video. The entire web event can be managed using the platform, right from registration to post-event follow-ups and analysis.

As mentioned, promising leads can be accurately identified and Cisco Webex Events supports up to 3000 viewers for a single event. Finally, the platform works seamlessly across the Android and iOS ecosystem, increasing event reach.

What We Think

Today, event management – particularly when it comes to webinars – is getting increasingly more complex. Marketing managers have to deal with multiple audience preferences spread across geographies, ensuring interest levels do not wane. This is why the Cisco Webex Events platform is such a lifesaver. It’s simple to use, can be easily deployed, and brings together the various elements it takes to keep the event up and running. What’s more, its handy pre- and post-event tools help you to prepare and look ahead – while also pushing back and analysing the key takeaways from the concluded event.

Yes, the audio and video quality is stellar – but at its core, the Cisco Webex Events solution is much more than voices and images. It combines all the bits and pieces and easy-to-forget components of an event, ensuring every element has a digital alternative, and you never miss out on any business opportunity. This is why Cisco Webex Events deserves a pretty solid thumbs-up!


4.4 out of 5

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