Exploring Gesture Control for AR Applications

Lenovo and Crunchfish collaborate over Gesture Control tech

Exploring Gesture Control for AR Applications

Crunchfish, a company committed to developing pioneering augmented reality technology for social, industrial and mobile-commerce applications, recently announced a new collaboration with Lenovo New Vision, the subsidiary of the Lenovo Capital and Incubator group focused exclusively on the Augmented Reality industry.

The connection between Crunchfish and Lenovo New Vision will allow for an exploration into the possibilities of gesture control in AR applications and smart glasses. Together, the two teams hope to enable gesture control in their applications, to add a new layer of depth to the augmented reality experience. Lenovo New Vision will integrate the Crunchfish AR software into a selection of their commercial AR applications, and host a field trial among a list of priority clients to see how gesture interaction can improve the usability and efficiency of AR.

The Rise of AR Technology

From adding filters to social media pictures to assisting with surgical procedures in healthcare environments, augmented reality has dozens of applications in today’s digitally-evolving world. As a subset of virtual reality augmented reality is much easier to work with because you don’t have to create an entirely new environment from scratch. Companies creating augmented reality simply supplement the existing situation, so you can still interact with the world around you, while simultaneously accessing digital features.

Lenovo New Vision’s predecessor, NBD, launched their first-generation AR smart glasses all the way back in 2014. They were one of the first developers to feature an integrated hardware and software solution for AR in China. On the other hand, Crunchfish provides software like aBubbl and A3D which makes it possible to control electronic devices using gestures combined with AR technology.

Lenovo New Vision offers an AR ecosystem to the current marketplace that includes augmented reality smart glasses, a backend solution for managing your technology, and software applications. There’s also a remote expert service available with Lenovo New Vision called “iAiD,” which helps companies to access and enhance their augmented reality experience faster.

Creating a New Augmented Reality Environment

With an extensive portfolio of consumers already eager to explore their augmented reality environments, Lenovo New Vision is keen to bring the next level of technology to their AR portfolio. Lenovo is focused on creating some of the most productive and useful AR applications in the current marketplace, which is why they’re beginning to explore the possibilities of gesture control to supplement the user experience.

While smartphone based, or control-based AR requires a user to hold a device with one hand and interact with another, hands-free gesture-controlled AR will transform the possibilities of this new technology. When you can control an augmented reality environment without a device in your hand, you can accomplish a great deal more. Gesture control in Augmented reality will give Lenovo New Vision users a way to interact with their digitally-enhanced environment in a productive and hands-free manner.

By collaborating with Crunchfish, Lenovo will be able to integrate their innovative gesture control software into their smart glasses and applications, ready to conduct consumer-based tests into how they can optimise and enhance their AR experiences.

A Hands-Free Augmented Reality Experience

Imagine being in a meeting room environment where you can swipe away unnecessary files or erase lines on a digital whiteboard with just the flick of a wrist. Gesture-controlled augmented reality could make this futuristic workplace possible. According to the CTO of Lenovo New Vision, Lu Dongyun, Lenovo believes that user experience is crucial to success when it comes to building an effective AR turn-key solution.

With gesture interaction technology supported by Crunchbase, Lenovo can create a next-level augmented reality environment that’s completely user-centric, hands-free, and designed for the customer.

According to the CEO of Crunchfish, Joakim Nydemark, the company is very proud to be associated and working with such a vast AR player like Lenovo New Vision. The Crunchfish team is thrilled that Lenovo New Vision will be deploying their software in their existing applications for field tests. Crunchfish believes that by adding touchless gestures into the AR experience, Lenovo will be able to give their consumer base a wider range of AR application opportunities.

Already, many other forward-thinking technology companies have begun to explore the opportunities of embedded AR technology with gesture control, including mobile-phone manufacturers and games designers. In the months to come, successful testing with the Crunchbase technology in Lenovo New Vision devices could lead to a brand-new business experience for companies experimenting with new realities.


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