Microsoft is Adding a Payment Feature to Teams

Ryan Smith

Teams users will soon be able to accept payments during meetings

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Microsoft is Adding a Payment Feature to Teams

Microsoft is adding a payment feature to the Teams platform to allow users to grow their businesses when they host online activities.

The company is designing the feature to allow users to receive payment for online appointments, classes or events they host.

Users will have to connect a third-party service to receive payments, and once that is done, they will be able to request payment during a Teams meeting.

Microsoft says that customers will be able to “pay you in just a few clicks”, which means that complicated online payments will not be a burden to business owners.

It brings Teams up to speed with Zoom and Google Meet, which already allow users to integrate PayPal into the platforms to request payment during meetings.

The feature will be available to businesses of all sizes; however, they must be registered in the United States and Canada at this time.

According to the Microsoft 365 roadmap, the feature will be generally available to Teams users on the web, desktop, Mac, Android, and iOS from October 2022.

Last week, Microsoft confirmed that language interpretation is generally available for Teams meeting participants.

The feature allows professional interpreters to translate the speaker’s message into another language without disrupting the original speaker’s flow or delivery.

The company has designed the feature to support its customers who must communicate with users worldwide.

Microsoft has also recently added several Meetings features to its VoIP calls at a time the security of video conferencing platforms has been thrown into question.  

According to the Microsoft 365 roadmap, tabs, bots, in-meeting dialogues, and meeting stages will be available in Teams VoIP calls. All the functionalities of a Teams Meeting can be enjoyed in Teams VoIP Calls.



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