Telstra Collaboration with Cisco Platform Review

Cisco-based UC: Your guide to Telstra collaboration with Cisco

Telstra Collaboration with Cisco Platform Review

To deliver the best customer experience, companies need more reliable and secure strategies for communication more than ever before. Whether it’s robust internal collaboration tools or external communications that provide businesses a better way to reach their clients, a complete system is essential.

The Telstra Collaboration with Cisco (TCC) platform is delivered through the cloud on Cisco’s Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS) and Cisco Webex solutions, as a fully integrated offering which enables Hosted Calling, Meetings and Collaboration solutions. It provides an exceptional environment for organisations to build the communication system that’s right for them. Taking advantage of the Telstra’s extensive global network, the platform lets companies purchase truly bespoke services from Telstra’s Resellers, which can scale and adapt to their needs.

Here’s everything you need to know about the TCC platform:

Features of Telstra Collaboration with Cisco Platform

Telstra’s robust global infrastructure facilitates connections with partners around the world, enabling communication and collaboration in various modes and at almost any location. The platform is designed to give resellers control over the bespoke experiences that they create for their end-users. The Telstra platform can quickly adapt to solve challenges and helps create new opportunities for businesses in a number of verticals. Features* include:

  • Voice and video telephony: Take the conversation to the next level with high-definition video and audio telephony solutions. The immersive and easy-to-use user interface is excellent for enabling improved productivity and collaboration throughout any business
  • Instant messaging and presence: The more a business is connected to its employees, the better it can serve its customers. Our platform helps ensure that you can see who’s available and that colleagues can communicate in a quick, streamlined way
  • Persistent messaging: Our TCC platform is packaged with Cisco’s Webex Teams for group, one-on-one persistent messaging and video calling capabilities, which can be synchronised across multiple devices
  • Mobility: The TCC platform comes with internal communication and collaboration tools, enabling team members to remain productive across locations, with access to features on multiple devices
  • Webex Meetings: For business-wide conferences and collaboration, Cisco’s Webex Meetings solution offers an enhanced secure environment to share messages, video, document sharing, and more
  • Cloud Connected Audio: This is a feature enhancement which enables on-net integration between Telstra’s hosted calling platforms and Cisco’s Webex environment, helping to minimise audio conferencing costs by circumventing the PSTN
  • Webex Hybrid Services: This leverages Cisco’s Webex Teams application for Calling, Webex devices and Meetings integration to Calendar and Directory Services with support provided by Telstra
  • Central answering positions: Operators can deliver an enhanced customer experience through an immersive ARC attendant console, included as part of the TCC platform experience

* Availability of all features is subject to local in-country licensing requirements. Contact your Telstra account representative for more details.

The TCC platform also offers ease of integration with third-party applications such as Red Box, Nice for Call Recording, UCCX for Contact Centre, and Tiger for call logging and invoice reconciliation.

Benefits of Telstra’s TCC Platform

With its Cisco-enabled TCC Platform, Telstra offers communication and collaboration solutions which empower businesses from any vertical. The Cisco Webex and HCS environment, underpinned by Telstra’s global SIP Connect and IP networks,  supports a high-quality enterprise experience.

(Read how Telstra helped major publisher Springer Nature to smoothly connect 13,000 employees across 58 sites in 22 countries.)

Benefits include:

  • Supports agile resellers and end-users: With TCC, Resellers can provide their customers with a wide selection of functions and useful features by adding a Cloud Based UC platform to their portfolio. Usage-based pricing offers customers a flexible and cost-effective solution
  • Facilitates team collaboration: The Webex Teams collaboration tools help connect an organisation’s staff securely and smoothly across multiple devices in almost any location
  • Customisable: Through a range of add-ons, end-users can access the most bespoke solution for their communication and collaboration strategy. This facilitates innovation in work practices, customer service and more
  • Built-in mobility: The TCC platform is ideal for companies seeking to empower their staff with the latest remote and mobile working strategies. The available tools work on multiple devices, helping to enable workplace productivity across the user base
  • Global reliability: Because the TCC platform is deployed through Telstra’s private and secure world-wide cloud environment, end users can be assured of the same high-quality experience across locations – with the TCC platform backed by a 99.999% service level agreement
  • High-level security: Give customers peace of mind with industry-leading security and geographical redundancy included as standard features

Target Market & Regional Availability

Telstra takes its unified communication strategy to market through a competitive selection of resellers. With the ethos of “our platform, your customer” the company offers their platform to meet the goals of end-users across the world.

Thanks to both Telstra’s global presence and their relationship with Cisco, Resellers can deliver a holistic and robust collaboration system which enables rapid deployment, quick scaling and consistent performance.

How to Buy & Pricing

The highly customisable and bespoke nature of the TCC platform translates to flexible pricing for resellers and end-users. Customers pay only for what they consume, which means resellers have more opportunities to mix and match the services they offer and adopt a more profitable go-to-market strategy. For information about joining Telstra and offering the TCC platform as a reseller, contact the Telstra Channel Management Team.

To find out the cost to implement TCC in your business, speak to your Telstra reseller.

FAQ & Finishing Thoughts

Telstra’s comprehensive Cloud Collaboration platform enables resellers to maximise their customer relationships through Telstra’s global network, as well as Cisco’s hosted collaboration platform. With TCC, resellers can purchase and deliver resources designed to meet specific customer needs, which makes them a more valuable business partner.

Q: What makes Telstra different?

A: Telstra delivers a globally-available communication strategy that’s co-created with one of the world’s leading communication technology providers, Cisco. The solutions are available for multiple devices, which enables ease of implementation and use.

Q: Is it possible to expand the TCC Experience?

A: TCC was designed in collaboration with Cisco, which allows for add-ons such as the Cisco Webex Board for team collaboration in your meeting rooms, as well as many more features and devices.

Q: How reliable is TCC?

A: Telstra provides resellers and their customers with a comprehensive cloud collaboration suite that’s designed for easy end-to-end integration. Because the TCC platform is deployed through Telstra’s private and secure world-wide cloud environment, end users can be assured of the same high-quality experience across locations – with the TCC platform backed by a 99.999% service level agreement.

Q: What kind of security does Telstra offer?

A: The Telstra cloud platform and core networks are equipped with ISO-27001 certifications. Data is stored locally for Australian-based communications, and global businesses get the peace of mind that comes with knowing their data sovereignty needs have been met in countries where we deliver the service. There’s also high availability and redundancy practices in place to keep operations running smoothly. Moreover, new GDPR regulations require organisations around the world that hold data belonging to EU citizens to provide a high level of protection and explicitly know where data is stored. Businesses are also relying on various security standards or frameworks as guiding principles for their corporate security policy. Telstra offers enhanced secure Internet connectivity based on MPLS and SD-WAN technologies, helping to ensure high-quality connections with data security and local country compliance every step of the way.



4.5 out of 5

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