2600Hz to Launch Cloud Comms Platform

Co-Founder discusses plans to launch global Cloud-based telecom platform and app store

2600Hz to Launch Cloud Comms Platform

2600Hz is named after the frequency in Hertz which AT&T used in the 1960s to secure a steady signal for long-distance telephone calls. Paying homage to its technological predecessors through name – 2600Hz is today, creating next-level technology in the business communications sphere. 

Nearly ten years ago, Patrick Sullivan and his business partner Darren Schreiber were sitting at a bar discussing how to create an API platform that was customizable for everyone. One with CRM integration made simple, and naturally scalable distributed programming.  

To take it a step further, the co-founders wanted to help companies of all sizes reduce costs through its Cloud-based systems at a fraction of the cost of other systems. Roughly ten years later, it is safe to say – the duo reached this and plenty of other goals. This leaves the question, what’s in store for the future of the company?  

A new app store for developers  

To understand where 2600Hz is going – we first must take a step back. In January 2018, the business had a fundamental shift in concentration to app creation and integrations. In 2019, Sullivan says they plan to launch this app store.  

“In 2019, we mostly focus on reducing operational cost for carriers utilizing bleeding-edge technology that has only been attempted in other industries”

“From self-scaling to fully redundant API-driven hosted systems, we help even the smallest companies compete with ‘the big guys’ for a fraction of the cost,” said Patrick Sullivan, Co-Founder, 2600Hz. 

With the launch of its app store, developers can sell their apps to the public. Looking further ahead, 2600Hz wants to democratize the SaaS industry. They hope – if developers can turn apps on and off when they need to, prices will become more reasonable.  

“Our new app store will have a full suite of enterprise PBX applications, along with complete API capabilities, that will enable businesses to turn any service on and off when they want to and get billed accordingly, ” Sullivan said.

Global Cloud Communications platform launch 

As business continues to expand out of North America, Sullivan says they will also soon offer a new cloud-based platform in Europe and Australia that makes the process of setup a piece of cake. This shift toward improving both CX and UX is a part of 2600’s continued efforts to enhance customer satisfaction. Its customers will need their own carrier to generate phone numbers and make external calls, but the rest is handled by 2600Hz.  

First, making its debut in the United States, then in Europe and Australia – the SaaS solution is targeted toward service providers of all sizes. Another key audience is large enterprises with data centers that want to implement 2600Hz’s software on their own servers. 

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