Introducing Amazon Chime Calling and Voice Connector

Amazon Chime voice-based services

Introducing Amazon Chime Calling and Voice Connector

Following the successful launch of the Amazon Chime collaboration service, Amazon has unveiled its solutions for companies who want to make calls connected with their PSTN network. The Amazon Chime Business Calling package and Amazon Chime Voice Connector transforms voice opportunities with Amazon Chime.

Amazon Chime now allows businesses of all sizes to place secure and inexpensive phone calls to more than 100 countries, using their on-premise phone system. The two voice-based solutions available from Amazon are designed to reduce calling costs by eliminating fixed telephone network expenses. The solutions also allow companies to scale usage up or down flexibly according to their needs, with no up-front fees or extensive long-term commitments.

Businesses can begin using the Amazon Voice Connector and Business Voice services today from their Amazon Chime consoles.

What Is Amazon Business Calling?

Amazon Business calling is Amazon’s approach to enabling PSTN calling directly from your Amazon Chime app. For businesses who want a simple single-pane-of-glass experience for their communication environments, Amazon Business Calling makes accessing voice easy. Through the service, users can simply place and receive calls directly from their Amazon Chime application. Because these users already have a subscription with Amazon Chime, they’re able to pay only for the services they use, on a per-minute basis.

Users no longer have to rip and replace their entire legacy PSTN system if they want to access cost-effective and flexible solutions for voice. Instead, they can simply tap into their PSTN through Amazon Chime, thanks to Amazon’s extensive relationships with global carriers around the world.

There are various ways for customers to get started with Business calling, and to make migration simple, Amazon supports porting numbers from existing carriers.

What is Amazon Voice Connector?

With the “Voice Connector” service, companies have the freedom to keep their existing on-premise phone system, while tapping into the functionality of click-to-call from Amazon Chime. Voice Connector allows customers with an extensive PBX environment to make calls through their PSTN, using an internet connection, or the AWS Direct Connector service. Amazon offers its Connector service through a global network of PSTN providers and gives customers a complete pay-as-you-go model for their business calls.

According to Amazon, the Voice Connector and Business Calling features are designed to appeal to customers who feel that one of their biggest expenses is finding a way to connect with the PSTN. Today’s Amazon customers can start using Voice Connector immediately by logging into their Amazon Chime console and purchasing telephone numbers, or provisioning Connectors. The service will communicate with the PSTN system on-premises using SIP solutions, and calls are encrypted using TLS (Transport Layer Security).

To use the Amazon Chime Voice Connector, customers will need to have an IP Private Branch Exchange, an SBC, or another voice infrastructure solution that supports the use of Session Initiation Protocol. Users also have the option to set up Voice Connector for inbound traffic or outbound traffic depending on their specific needs.


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