Introducing iPECS Cloud UC with VoLTE & 5G

New Service Provider solutions from Ericsson-LG

Introducing iPECS Cloud UC with VoLTE & 5G

Innovative Unified Communications company Ericsson-LG Enterprise recently announced a new pre-integrated solution for service providers. The latest iPECS offering means that service providers can deliver cloud communications with Voice over LTE (VoLTE) to enterprise customers.

The new solution will give service providers a chance to deliver ubiquitous cloud experiences for businesses. The cloud-based unified communication service will feature the simplicity of seamless native dialing and guaranteed mobile quality of service.

In collaboration with Ericsson, the iPECS cloud UC platform is set to become bigger and more impressive than ever.

Integrating IMS and iPECS

Ericsson-LG Enterprise will be delivering the new VoLTE for Unified Communications experience by integrating the award-winning iPECS platform with the Ericsson IMS. The IP Multimedia Subsystem created by Ericsson allows service providers to deliver enhanced and differentiated solutions to companies with greater speed than “Over the Top” (OTT) services. The IMS also ensures greater efficiency than most non-VoLTE UC solutions too.

When compared with typical carrier-hosted systems, the iPECS and Ericsson cloud solutions ensure that service providers can manage enhanced VoLTE networks without modification to accommodate new UC solutions. This reduces the product lifecycle refresh time and speeds up implementation.

Regarded by many to be one of the most compelling future-proof technologies for IP communication strategies, IMS has a lot to offer the current service provider. With IMS, SPs can access unlimited global scalability and interoperability, for a widely differentiated service delivery.

Building on the Success of the iPECS Cloud


Ahed Alkhatib

In recent years, the iPECS cloud solution delivered by Ericsson-LG Enterprise has already proven to be a glowing success in both the carrier and enterprise environments. With iPECS, users have a new opportunity to monetise investments into IMS technology. What’s more, service providers can also extend their VoLTE services to forward-thinking enterprise customers.

The fact that Ericsson-LG Enterprise is offering a pre-tested and pre-verified solution means that service providers have less CapEX to worry about, a reduced lifecycle management cost, and a quicker time to market. The solution is intended to make service providers a one-stop-shop for everything an enterprise needs for connectivity.

According to the VP of Global Sales and Marketing for Ericsson-LG Enterprise, Ahed Alkhatib, service providers can now deliver mobile as a core aspect of their UC offering. They can unlock the benefits of the integrated iPECS cloud, alongside the IMS network solution to extend a richer user experience throughout all devices. Delivering native experiences across tablets and mobiles gives service providers an excellent value add.


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