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RingCentral Working as One

This video interview with RingCentral covers their focus on uniting communications

UC Today attended Enterprise Connect 2019, potentially the biggest unified communications and collaboration event on the planet, to bring you interviews with all the industry’s biggest names.

Presenter Patrick is joined by Amritesh Chaudhuri, SVP for Go-To-Market at RingCentral.

Amritesh explains that one of RingCentral’s main focuses at this year’s event was the principle of ‘working as one’ . RingCentral doesn’t believe that businesses should be using technology in silos. The concept is reacting to a convergence within the market and as it can provide a full stack solution, RingCentral, is well placed to cater for customers.

Interoperability is another area that RingCentral is monitoring keenly. It wants to ensure that, even if customers aren’t using its particular products in certain areas, they are still able to consolidate their work processes to provide a seamless user experience across platforms. Amritesh tells Patrick that at its booth during Enterprise Connect it has been showcasing solutions that can enhance and improve consolidated workflows.

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Presenter Patrick Watson and Amritesh Chaudhuri from RingCentral.

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