SkySwitch Transforming SIP Trunk Sales & Adds Virtual Concierge

We hear about the latest enhancements added to SkySwitch's SIP Trunking Program and the addition of Virtual Concierge

SkySwitch Transforming SIP Trunk Sales & Adds Virtual Concierge

The UC Today team have been attending Vectors 2019, SkySwitch’s annual user group conference to bring you all of the latest news updates. Vectors has provided the perfect platform for SkySwitch to unveil new additions to its exclusively channel-only UCaaS and CCaaS platform.

New Features Added to Advanced SIP Trunking Program

Resellers and service providers are always seeking additional revenue streams and new operations that can enhance their earning potential. This year’s Vectors conference provided SkySwitch with the perfect platform to announce another addition equipping its partner community with a further revenue enhancement opportunity.

SkySwitch’s white-label Advanced SIP Trunking program – which has already been leveraged by its partner community to add SIP line sales to their portfolios – has now been enhanced with a host of new additions.

The updated service has been upgraded with the objective of improving route to market speed and agility for partners. A newly available online storefront will allow partners to provide end user organisations with Advanced SIP trunks rapidly and simply using just a few clicks. Available through the main SkySwitch Reseller dashboard, the storefront is fully customisable allowing SkySwitch resellers to apply their own branding and marketing. Resellers and providers will also be able to set customer pricing levels, enabling end customers to utilise the new service directly with all of the correct margins pre-applied. As well as improving the SIP provisioning and management process administration is also enhanced. Resellers can configure secure and more efficient billing services and take advantage of tools to remove the complexity when calculating – often complex – telecommunications tax levels.

User adoption and experience are a key facet of any technology platform’s success and SkySwitch recognised this with the development of the new service offering partners and customers a simple and speedy way of managing Advanced SIP. Founder and President of SkySwitch, Eric Hernaez, explained why this process can be incredibly valuable.

“What we have found is that really focusing on SIP trunks as a product and providing more tools is something our partners want us to do – 0ur Advanced SIP Trunking portal will help partners and their customers configure services more easily.”

“The simplicity for our resellers’ customers and prospective customers to purchase and manage SIP trunks entirely on their own results in an enhanced user experience.”

The updated storefront helps resellers and service providers sell further SIP trunks with the direct access available to end users. Administering and supporting the SIP trunks they sell will also be conducted with greater ease. End user organisations can manage and control their own provision of phone numbers and call forwarding – reducing process management for the partner – and increasing control for the end customer.

Virtual Concierge Available on SkySwitch Platform

Call handling has often been one of the fundamental costs associated with any voice communication system. SkySwitch is aiming to reduce that for its partners with the addition of a virtual concierge service to its UCaaS and CCaaS platform. SkySwitch will leverage its extensive network of local partners in North America to market the benefits of the latest platform addition.

Computer Instruments – a US based software developer and provider of software IVRs – announced during Vectors 2019, the availability of its Virtual Concierge on SkySwitch’s white label solution.

The Virtual Concierge, which utilises the capabilities of artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve processes, removes some of the need for costly human interaction in call and contact centre hubs. Callers will experience a consistent human to machine communication experience leveraging next-generation spoken natural language resources. The solution which can be scaled and tailored to suit any size of business, or industry, matches the callers spoken requests with internally mapped resources before determining the most efficient route for the call’s direction. All of the usual business processes can be managed by the system with self-service transactions, survey submission, pay by credit card and product ordering all possible with customisation.

Again user experience is key for customers and the concierge will provide a mobile-like experience that will match customers consumer world expectations. Hernaez, told UC Today that this now fulfils a missing aspect of the portfolio and that ensuring the simplicity of the system for partners was critical.

“It has been a gap in our product line but now with our partnership with Computer Instruments we can offer our partners a cutting edge solution – more complex functions are possible but the first step is making sure the concierge just works, with no programming required at all. ”

With the addition of a cutting edge Virtual Concierge, SkySwitch, is now able to offer its partners the ability to enhance end customer communication experiences. It can be used to augment existing industry solutions like auto-attendant, stand alone and perform as a virtual agent, or act as a referral escalation point. Simple, but often ineffective, ‘press digit’ or ‘say word’ menu driven processes can be transformed into an organic natural interaction providing customers with seamless routes to their desired outcomes.

To find out more about Vectors 2019, you can visit SkySwitch’s official conference website, and follow Vectors 2019 and UC Today on social media to keep up with all the news from the event.

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