VoIPstudio Launches Spanish and German Support

VoIPstudio's full portfolio and support is now available for 400 million Spanish and 220 million German speakers

VoIPstudio Launches Spanish and German Support

VoIPstudio is already an international player in the Cloud calling space for small businesses, having launched features that make it easy and affordable for SMBs to migrate their telephony to the Cloud. This includes a Cloud calling solution for Chrome, advanced wallboard technology, and file/screen sharing capabilities to accommodate customers with a spectrum of collaboration needs.

Rob Seymour, Marketing Director at VoIPstudio told me they hope to enhance CX in these two strategic markets. As such, they launched two sites for Spanish language and German language support, where VoIPstudio now offers full support, including technical, along with a local marketing team to ensure consistent messaging. Customers also gain access to VoIPstudios’ web dashboard and all other software such as desktop and mobile softphones, personalizing the call/contact center experience for millions. Seymour said told UC Today:

“There is very little local language support offered amongst providers, and we noticed a gap in the market for those who don’t have English as a second language.”

“We launched our Spanish site at the beginning of the year, and it has taken off well in terms of revenue and sign-ups. This summer, we launched our German site, which we also expect great things from.”

A Strategic Decision

I reached out to Tracxn, a data analytics firm. They told me, though the Spanish and German markets are both sizable in terms of demographics, there doesn’t appear to be a wide variety of Cloud-based telephony solutions with local language support offered there. This may imply, SMBs didn’t previously have access to solutions that are tailored to their needs – a gap VoIPstudio hopes to fill by passing on savings to customers.

According to a report by Transparency Market Research, the global Cloud telephony services market will reach $41,768 million by 2026 because it is affordable and offers enterprises flexibility as well as agility. The market is further projected to expand at a CAGR of 17.2 percent, between now and 2026. The report cited an increasing demand for enterprise mobility and mobile workforce, leading to more enterprises migrating to the Cloud as primary reasons for the growth.

When it comes to Europe, the continent is also projected to undergo ‘rapid expansion,’ according to the same report, meaning VoIPstudio is entering the market during a strategic benchmark of the Digital Transformation.

A Wise Move for SMBs

In a recent comparison I wrote featuring VoIPstudio, RingCentral, and 8×8 – all top Cloud system providers for SMBs, VoIPstudio came out on top. Not only did I find the solution is powerful, but it extends a lot of benefits to SMBs that are CX centric.

Furthermore, VoIPstudio continually invests in advancing its solution and offers a range of add-ons such as unlimited call recordings and its advanced wallboard technology. This means customers are likely to see an ROI on such valuable features. These features alone are something the German and Spanish markets will gain tremendous value from at the end of the day.

Seymour also told me, VoIPstudio has more localized services in the works, leaving me thinking which markets they will penetrate next.


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