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Published: October 31, 2017

Ian Taylor Editor

Ian Taylor


Conference calls are an established part of working life. Yet, what is supposed to be an efficient way to conduct business can often become a frustrating task dominated by classic disruptions. Let’s be honest, we’ve all experienced it: awkward dial-in details, not knowing who’s joined, background noise, and late joiners.

Time wasted on cumbersome conference calls is an expensive challenge to ignore, costing UK businesses up to £14bn in lost resource. It’s also a major security risk: 60 per cent of conference callers consider it the norm not knowing who has joined.

New communication and collaboration technologies have emerged and evolved over the last decade, providing opportunity to tackle these disruptions in new ways. However, one company has chosen to take a unique approach; doing away with specialist features and instead focusing on creating an intuitive, fail-safe experience that exceeds end user expectations. That company is LoopUp.

LoopUp is a UK-based SaaS remote meetings solution designed to provide a premium experience for business people who rely on conference calls to conduct daily business.

LoopUp, which was the UK’s first tech IPO following Brexit last year, saw a 39% growth in revenue in 2016 at a CAGR of 38% and provides valued service to over 2,000 customers across the world – but what exactly is it and how does it differ from other SaaS conference call providers in the market?

In order to find out, we took a look at what LoopUp has to offer and how we feel businesses would benefit most by investing in it.

How does it look?

LoopUp Remote Meetings Review
LoopUp employs a single-pane-of-glass interface that can be accessed across multiple devices.

With an intuitive, user-friendly interface that streamlines the remote meetings and conferencing experience, LoopUp eliminates unnecessary distractions and delays and provides the user with a single-pane-of-glass interface that can be accessed across multiple devices.

Built for simplicity, LoopUp cleans up the clutter and enables users to join meetings effortlessly from any device without needing to install surplus plugins. It will even integrate with Microsoft Outlook to simplify the creation of invites, deliver alerts and provide a quick way to join meetings.

What can it do?

With four global data centres in London, Chicago, Hong Kong and Sydney, LoopUp is a true global cloud communications powerhouse that provides premium voice quality and failsafe reliability to a wide variety of customers around the world. Offering a world-class infrastructure that is built for resilience and redundancy, LoopUp customers can rest assured that every meeting will run smoothly without fault from start to finish.

At the core of the LoopUp proposition is its join link, which appears in every meeting invite. By clicking on the link, guests are taken to the meeting interface where they choose the number they want to join from (for instance their office line or mobile phone), and LoopUp will call out to them. This removes the hassle of remembering dial-in numbers and access codes, and guides users to more visual, web-based collaboration.

Also central to LoopUp’s product functionality is its one-click screen sharing. From a prominently displayed button at the center of the meeting interface, users can easily share their screens for engaging collaboration sessions. Hosts will download a simple plug-in their first time sharing, but guests never have to download anything to view what is being shared.

LoopUp Smartphone Interface Review
LoopUp’s concise mobile interface

With full Outlook integration, LoopUp enables hosts to create pre-formatted invitations for guests who are able to quickly join the call by clicking the enclosed link rather than having to dial in. Hosts receive LoopUp’s patented call start alerts when their first guest joins the meeting, which helps hosts avoid being late or leaving guests on hold.

During the call, hosts can maintain call quality by muting distracting background noises, adding missing guests or dropping unwanted guests with just a few clicks.

All meetings and conference calls made through LoopUp are thoroughly secure. LoopUp’s meeting interface clearly displays who is on and who is speaking, so users can speak freely knowing confidential information isn’t being overhead by unwanted or unknown guests. LoopUp is also ISO/IEC 27001 certified globally for Information Security Management and known for its partnership with global market leaders for data centre and colocation facilities.

LoopUp is quick and easily to deploy, requires very little (if any) training to use and the brand provides 24/7, worldwide support to customers to ensure that any problems will be quickly resolved irrespective of time or location.

For businesses looking for a solution that offers world-class quality conference calling services without any of the complications, LoopUp is an ideal choice. Its transparent pricing, clear invoices and lack of hidden fees remove confusion and are a refreshing change for the industry.

What did we like most?

For every second saved in business there’s a penny to be made, and with LoopUp’s simplified click-to-join feature, users no longer have to waste time entering dial-in numbers or access codes – simply follow the link and LoopUp will call you.

We also found LoopUp’s patented call start alert to be an unexpected, value-add feature that you can’t find in competitive products.

Finally, LoopUp’s one-click screen sharing feature is a highly useful tool that enables hosts and their guests to share information visually as well as audibly, and was much easier to use than competitive solutions.   

Who is it for?

For companies whose users are put off by complicated web conferencing tools and reticent to give up dial-in conferencing, LoopUp presents a viable, web-based alternative that won’t scare people off. Its product design emphasises usability and user experience over feature-glut, making it easy to win over die-hard dial-in conference callers. Users seeking specialist capabilities like whiteboarding or webinar software, or even video (for now) should look elsewhere.

As a solution designed to enable business at a global scale, we feel LoopUp is an ideal choice for companies that regularly hold meetings with colleagues and business partners from various locations around the world. 

If you would like to know more about what LoopUp has to offer or would like to subscribe for a one month free trial of the product to see what it has to offer first hand, you can head over to their website and sign up.

UC Today Opinion

LoopUp is emerging as an unexpected challenger in the crowded conference calling market dominated by big software vendors who put features first and have bet heavily on video. While LoopUp’s minimalist approach to product design may never make it a favourite of industry analysts like Gartner, it certainly endears and converts users, and in turn, IT departments.

LoopUp’s focus on user experience – from creating an invite, to joining and managing a meeting, to screen sharing – makes each step of the conference calling process straight-forward and intuitive – words we don’t often associate with vendors in this space.

Its business practices also emphasise user experience: customer support is knowledgeable, informed and quick; pricing and invoicing are clear and consultative.

With 98.5% of customers choosing to pay-as-you-go, LoopUp is clearly betting and winning on their differentiated product experience. Judging by its recent growth and big customer wins, it’s obvious that LoopUp is filling a gap in the market that others can’t. In our opinion LoopUp is definitely one to watch and it will be interesting to see how the company maintains this level of success going forward.

Where can I get more information?

If you would like to know more about what LoopUp has to offer or would like to sign up for a one-month free trial of the product to see what it has to offer first hand, you can head over to LoopUp and sign up.

Have you had any experience with LoopUp that you’d like to share? How do you think it compares with other conference calling solutions available on the market? Are there any questions you’d like to ask about the product or opinions you wish to share with others? If so, please feel free to submit your thoughts to our comments section below.


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