Simpplr Rivals Zoom Workvivo With Meta Workplace Migration Program

Meta had recommended Meta Workplace customers migrate to Workvivo by Zoom after it announced the service was closing, but Simpplr intend to offer a competitive alternative

Simpplr Rivals Zoom Workvivo With Meta Workplace Migration Program
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Published: June 19, 2024

Kieran Devlin

Simpplr has launched a Workplace by Meta migration programme to rival Workvivo By Zoom, which was selected as Meta’s preferred migration partner.

In May, Meta announced it was shuttering its enterprise communications business, Workplace, while recommending customers migrate to Workvivo By Zoom.

Now, Simpplr, the communications and employee engagement platform, has developed a Workplace by Meta migration programme for a “reliable and stress-free transition.” Simpplr says it understands the pivotal role of communication in an organisation’s success and is dedicated to assisting customers in making choices that align with their objectives.

As the only venture-backed EX platform company, relentless innovation and simplicity drive Simpplr’s mission to transform the work experience on a large scale,” said Dhiraj Sharma, Founder and CEO of Simpplr.

Simpplr has become synonymous with innovation and excellence in the intranet space. Recognized consistently by analysts like Gartner and Forrester for our innovation and excellence, and with a proven track record of zero failed implementations, we are uniquely positioned to support our customers’ success now and in the future.”

As a special incentive, Simpplr is offering a six-month complimentary service for customers who transition to their platform by October 31, 2024.

“We’re here for the long haul and ready to serve you,” added Don Wight, Chief Revenue Officer at Simpplr. “This new program is designed to ensure a smooth and stress-free migration from Workplace by Meta. We’re confident that once you experience Simpplr, you’ll be satisfied with the change.”

More Information On Simpplr And Its Workplace Migration Offering

With what it describes as “a 100 percent migration success track record”, Simpplr boasts zero failed deployments across 1000+ implementations, regardless of industry or region.

Simpplr says this success rate underscores its expertise and unwavering commitment to ensuring a smooth transition for every customer. The business emphasises its dedication to optimising both the platform and content strategy, meticulously curating and positioning content in the most effective locations within the new system.

Additionally, Simpplr says it assures the secure transfer of data, protecting sensitive information throughout the migration process. It insists its thorough approach guarantees that the system is fully primed for a seamless launch. To further support its customers, Simpplr provides resources that promote rapid user adoption and enable customers to fully leverage the platform’s benefits from the outset.

The Simpplr platform’s personalisation customises content for each employee, aiming to ensure every interaction is impactful, minimising information overload and elevating the user experience.

The platform’s integrated AI streamlines routine tasks, enhances decision-making, and delivers personalised insights, making work more streamlined. Equipped with robust admin tools, advanced analytics, and stringent security and compliance measures, Simpplr says it caters to the diverse requirements of organisations of varying sizes.

What Happened With Workplace By Meta?

In May, Meta announced it was closing Workplace.

Meta will keep the Workplace platform operational until September 2025. After that, it will be read-only until May 2026, when it will be completely shut down. Users can download their data, including profile information, posts, and chat messages, until May 31, 2026, via the “Download your data” button in settings if enabled by their Workplace admin.

Meta has recommended Workvivo as a migration-ready alternative for Workplace users. Acquired by Zoom in 2023, Workvivo is now integrated into Zoom’s upgraded platform, also named Workplace.

“Since Workvivo joined the Zoom family, we’ve seen how powerful this platform is at engaging workforces and bringing culture to life – especially for frontline employees who may not have a desk or even an email address,” said Zoom CEO and Founder Eric S. Yuan. “We are excited to support Workplace from Meta’s customers and help them reach their goals of reaching and engaging employees – whether they’re desk or frontline workers.”

Meta has partnered exclusively with Workvivo to assist with customer transitions. Together, they provide migration tools, and Workvivo offers additional implementation services at no extra cost.

However, Simmplr intends to challenge this market position.

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