Cloud Communications Providers – Who’s on TOP for 2019?

UC Today’s Cloud Phone System Vendors List

Cloud Communications Providers – Who’s on TOP for 2019?

Cloud Communications is another way of saying cloud phone systems, Cloud PBX or unified communications as a service (UCaaS). Cloud Comms seems to have taken poll position recently as the phrase that describes having your company’s telephony in the cloud.

Cloud Communications versus UCaaS

Voice is pretty much a commodity nowadays in the Telecoms equipment market, it’s all about unified communications which brings together voice, video, messaging, sharing and meetings etc. So in many ways ‘cloud communications’ encapsulates all these services and says they are available in the cloud. The term UCaaS could be classed as a sub-category of Cloud Communications.

  • Cloud Communications = Encapsulates all cloud telephony deployment models whether they are private, hybrid or public cloud
    • UCaaS = Subscription based cloud telephony (more commonly multi-tenanted)
    • Cloud PBX = A software based PBX deployed in the cloud or within a virtualised environment (more commonly dedicated)
    • CPaaS = A cloud based Communications platform with a rich API for development

UCaaS typically offers cloud-based unified comms apps, which are available on a subscription basis (OpEx). Therefore to differentiate the two, you could say that Cloud Communications is not only includes UCaaS, but also CPaaS, Cloud PBX and co-located communications hardware. Therefore any ‘cloud based’ communications service.

Here’s a list of Cloud Communications companies, the only platforms excluded from this are hardware based unified communications systems.

Service Providers List

For a full list of Communications Service Providers (companies that take vendor platforms and host them in the cloud for resale/wholesale see here)

Cloud PBX Platform Vendors

These platforms can be hosted in your office or in the cloud. Most software platforms can be hosted in virtualised environments such as Microsoft Hyper-V or VMware vSphere (be sure to check compatibility before purchasing!)

Avaya Aura Communications Manager
Avaya Equinox
Avaya IP Office
Cisco Business Edition 6000
Cisco Business Edition 7000
Microsoft Skype for Business / Microsoft Teams
Mitel MiVoice Business
Mitel MX-One
MiVoice Office 400 Virtual Appliance
NEC Univerge 3C
ShoreTel Connect ON-SITE
Unify OpenScape 4000
Unify OpenScape Business
Unify OpenScape Enterprise Express

UCaaS Providers

Subscription based UC platforms, commonly known as UCaaS – hosted in the cloud and typically supporting over-the-top (OTT) communications which allows users to connect from any location with ease.

8×8 Virtual Office
Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Rainbow
Avaya Aura Communications Manager
Avaya Equinox
Cisco Webex Teams
Microsoft Teams
Mitel MiCloud Office
Mitel MiVoice Business (MiCloud Business)
RingCentral Office
ShoreTel Connect CLOUD
Unify Circuit

Our CPaaS vendors List is here

Cloud Communications Service Providers

In recent years cloud communications service providers (CSPs) have risen in popularity due to the move to hosted telephony services. CSPs host the platform and offer resellers and end-user organisations an ‘all in one’ solution combining technologies from multiple vendors.

To view a list of Cloud Communications Service Providers click here.

Choosing the Best Cloud Communications Provider

Let’s start by saying it’s not an easy task and unfortunately there is no single ‘best’ provider. In most cases it’s a matter of ‘horses for courses’. Firstly you’ll need to know what differentiates them and to get you started you may want to read one of our Buyer’s Guides.

Here’s some top tips, if you’d like to share your expertise or experience please comment below.

Ultimately you need to carefully select the right partner to help you manage the deployment (most vendors tend to work with Channel partners to assist with the service element). Business communications is becoming quite complex, having someone on-side to guide you through the purchasing and deployment process is critical if the investment is to provide a good return on your investment.

Any missing from our list? Comment below and we’ll add it in. If you found this list useful, please share it at least once or drop us a note below. 

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