Resellers Hunting Value: Reach for Yeastar

The modular IP-PBX manufacturer offers resellers a toolbox for success through Yeastar’s Xcelerate Channel Program

Resellers Hunting Value: Reach for Yeastar

In 2016, Yeastar celebrated 10 years of incorporation and is today emerging as a frontrunner in the Cloud and premises-based IP-BPX circuit for small-to-medium-sized enterprises. Yeastar’s S-Series VoIP PBX, which boasts impressive features, is an on-premises modular VoIP PBX that enhances communication with the help of a compact and powerful analog/VoIP system.

Yeastar, furthermore, has a fleet of service provider platforms for resale, and across the board, what the company offers is full onboarding for resellers. Through the Xcelerate Channel Program, resellers have all the tools for success, which include solid hardware and a suite of UC solutions designed to enhance CX. These tools alone make it clear how Yeastar skyrocketed the global telecommunications ladder.

Currently, Yeastar’s Channel Program has thousands of partners with over 100,000 customers worldwide. To accommodate partners, Yeastar recently announced the launch of its updated partner portal which features a redesigned UI, a new dashboard, a centralized platform to access Yeastar’s value-added services including Linkus Cloud Service and tools for remote management.

I spoke with David Bosley, VoIP Solutions Channel Manager at Electric Frontier, a prominent Yeastar UK Distribution Partner, who stressed that he believes Yeastar delivers powerful solutions.

“Partners who want to join forces should know about Yeastar’s exceptional track record that presents resellers with an opportunity for success. We are looking for long-term relationships across a variety of verticals. In the end, we also want high visibility and better market penetration.”

“As an established company, Yeastar has more than 13 years of experience and is among the top-ten SME IP-PBX providers in the world. Paired with thirty percent year-over-year-growth, partners have all the makings for tremendous growth,” said Bosley.

Benefits of becoming a Yeastar Partner

Yeastar’s managed solutions and platforms offer legacy products updated VoIP capabilities, perfect for expanding call and contact centers to meet growing call and contact center demands. Yeastar’s premises and Cloud-based systems are all award-winning and rich in UC functionalities like Linkus, Yeastar’s UC Softphone app. With the app, users can communicate in real-time across iOS, Mac, Android, and Windows devices.

Earlier, I mentioned Yeastar’s IP-PBX, I did not, however, discuss its advanced PBX features. For starters, there is auto queueing, call recording, Interactive Voice Response, and remote management, to simplify adds and changes, and maintenance – to name a few. Another perk comes in the form of a management platform, Yeastar Management Plane, a cloud-based UC platform built for provisioning a PBX in a matter of seconds.

On top of this, Yeastar technicians are available 24/7 to assist with troubleshooting and partner assistance at no extra cost, a service that personifies Yeastar’s toolbox of perks for resellers.

North American expansion

In March, Yeastar announced a partnership with D&H Distributions, a leading provider of small business and consumer technologies in North America. Now expanding into the US market, Yeastar wants to bring its S-Series VoIP PBX systems and VoIP Gateways to more US service providers. D&H hope to leverage Yeastar’s powerful, and easy-to-manage offerings, which can also reduce operational costs.

In a joint press release, Peter Gambino, Executive Director, Advanced Technologies at D&H stated:

“D&H recognize that cloud, VoIP, and unified communications are becoming a greater part of the networking and distribution landscape every day. We’re committed to evolving both our line card and our services to best address that trend. We’re therefore excited to deliver Yeastar’s compelling VoIP gateway and PBX solutions to our SMB reseller and integrator base, helping them develop a more competitive offering for the expanding telecommunications marketplace.”

Becoming a Yeastar partner could benefit your business

What differentiates Yeastar from other VoIP PBX manufacturers is a simple licensing model, users can access free lifetime software firmware, a clever proposition at no extra cost. Such a unique selling point might make Yeastar offerings simpler to sell.

When considering the challenges facing small-to-medium-sized enterprises like delivering seamless business communication – Yeastar enables impeccable omnichannel functionalities, another major selling point. Resellers can customize Yeastar devices according to service provider demands while matching the needs of the changing workforce, further showcasing Yeastar’s flexibility.

You can find out more about becoming a Yeastar Xcelerate Channel Partner on Yeastar’s website.


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