Cloud PBX Review: Yeastar Management Plane for Service Providers

YMP: Multi-instance Cloud PBX platform from Yeastar

Cloud PBX Review: Yeastar Management Plane for Service Providers

As the marketplace grows increasingly competitive, modern companies need an agile way to manage their communications. The cloud, with its infinite scalability and flexibility, ensures that businesses can access the tools they need according to their unique circumstances. This means that companies can keep costs low, without compromising on innovation.

Yeastar’s new cloud-based communication platform is designed to provide today’s Comms resellers and service providers with the freedom they need to build DIY PBX environments for any end-user. Yeastar Management Plane (YMP) is a scalable, streamlined, and centralised communication service platform. Through the Yeastar Management Plane and cloud PBX environment, service providers can offer pay-as-you-go access to enterprise-level solutions to their customers.

Features of the Yeastar Management Plane

“YMP” is a simple UCaaS solution, designed to give flexibility to resellers and service providers. Whether you’re looking to enhance your portfolio with a cloud solution, or you need to diversify your deployment options, Yeastar has you covered. According to Yeastar, YMP can deliver recurring revenue models with fantastic margins.

The Yeastar Management Plane relies on the central features of the Yeastar Cloud PBX and Linkus app. Together, the two capabilities enhance collaboration, increase mobility and boost productivity.

Highlights of the Yeastar Cloud PBX include:

  • API access for integration
  • Auto attendants
  • Call parking, queuing and recording
  • Phone provisioning
  • CRM integration
  • Conferencing
  • Web GUI
  • Remote management
  • Unified messaging
  • WebRTC click-to-call

Through the Linkus UC app, users can also:

  • Accept and make calls via desktops and mobile using the same phone number
  • Initiate group or 1-to-1 chats with file-sharing features
  • Check the presence of colleagues
  • Browse through a complete corporate directory
  • Take office extensions with them on the go
  • Forward calls seamlessly to extensions, voicemail, and mobile numbers
  • View pop-ups from Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce CRM, Outlook, and more
  • Check call history, voicemail missed calls and one-touch recordings

Benefits of the Yeastar Management Plane

The YMP is a highly-flexible multi-instance solution for UC deployment. Thanks to the presence of complete Cloud PBX independence, resellers can separate various pieces of consumer data, and reduce the risk of customers’ phone systems being affected by one another The modular approach also means that companies can achieve more control over customisation and configuration. Some of the main benefits of YMP include:

  • Quick and seamless PBX creation: Service providers can create and customise PBX systems through a single platform in a matter of seconds. Customers can then access their phone solutions through the web immediately. Each YMP supports up to 2000 extensions, 100 PBX instances, and 500 concurrent calls
  • Scalability: The biggest benefit of UCaaS is its flexibility. YMP offers hassle-free access to a scalable solution for your customers. The number of users and calls can be changed according to user needs. This means that there’s something for virtually any end user
  • Optimal user experience: The Cloud PBX included with YMP is designed to provide all the features that customers need from their hosted PBX solution. Thanks to the Linkus UC app, it’s also possible to enable real-time comms across multiple devices
  • OpEx or CapEx: If you’ve been nervous about embracing UCaaS before, YMP makes it simple. There’s a turnkey solution available for hosted PBX providers who want to eliminate the stress of hosting. An OpEx model means that there’s no infrastructure to maintain, which also means that initial costs remain low. However, it’s also possible to deploy YMP on a public cloud platform like Google Cloud or AWS. Yeastar even manages the installation for you

Target Market and Availability

The Yeastar Management Plane is available to resellers and service providers through Yeastar. Because of its flexible design, it’s ideal for any size of partner. Whether you’re catering to small and medium-sized companies or large enterprise corporations, you can design a solution that’s right for your end-user.

Pricing and How to Buy

The YMP solution is available through Yeastar, with pricing to suit the deployments that you offer. Resellers and service providers adjust the capacity of their system according to the needs of their audience and pay according to their CapEx or OpEx preferences.

Finishing Thoughts and FAQ

The Yeastar Management Plane is a simple way for resellers and service providers to give their end-users greater flexibility in their UC deployments. Thanks to a multi-instance infrastructure and an agile pay-as-you-grow approach, it’s a fantastic way to diversify virtually any portfolio.

Q: Where is YMP deployed?

A: Under the turnkey solution, YMP will be deployed in the cloud and hosted by Yeastar. As for the BYOI solution, service providers are able to reside it on public cloud service platforms such as AWS, Alibaba Cloud, and Google Cloud, or host it on your own data centre (tier 3 or above) using VMware, KVM or Hyper-V.

Q: What is Yeastar Cloud PBX compatible with?

A: The Yeastar Cloud PBX works with many leading IP phones and supports auto-provisioning via VTech, Yealink and Fanvil IP phones. The inbuilt pre-configured ITSP template also eliminates the time associated with connecting to SIP trunks.

Q: Does YMP or Yeastar Cloud PBX support free trial?

A: Yes. If you would like to see for yourself how YMP works, Yeastar offers a free trial and their account managers will walk you through the whole system, introduce our different business models and work out the ROI for you. You can also sign up for Cloud PBX free trial to experience the PBX system.

4.6 out of 5

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