ClearOne Max IP Conference Phone Review

Read our review of the ClearOne Max IP conferencing device

ClearOne Max IP Conference Phone Review

As a globally recognisable manufacturer of cutting-edge conferencing, collaboration and network streaming solutions, ClearOne are undoubtedly one of the most exciting brands in the telecommunications market with their products being utilised by a wide variety of different business types across the world.

With this in mind we have decided to write an in depth review on one of the brands most popular products, the ClearOne MAX IP, to determine how beneficial its features are to businesses as well as giving out opinion on which types of businesses would be most suited to this particular model.

Before we continue, however, we must stress that we are not trying to sell this product and any information we give is just the professional opinion of qualified technicians who have been working in the telecoms industry for a number of years.

How would the ClearOne MAX IP look in your meeting room?

With its innovative, hexagon-shaped, daisy-chainable design, the ClearOne MAX IP is a truly unique conferencing phone that, when connected to other units of the same model, can be used in not just one but several rooms around the office for complete audio coverage during a conference call. Efficient in structure and featuring a very simple yet highly effective and completely user-friendly dial pad and interface that can be utilised with very little (if any) training, the ClearOne MAX IP would be a valuable asset to almost any business.

ClearOne Max IP

What can it do?

Thanks to an intelligent Distributed Echo Cancellation & Noise Cancelling feature, the ClearOne MAX IP provides a world-class audio experience during every call and ensures that the listener receives all information sent through the microphone with absolute clarity. As well as this, the automatic level controls guarantee that the natural tone of the human voice is carried across to the recipient free from any unwanted and distracting background noises or echoes.

Moreover, with 360-degree microphone coverage and a first-mic priority system that intelligently activates only the microphone closest to the person speaking, the ClearOne MAX IP successfully prevents cross talk contamination and ensures that the listening party is easily able to differentiate between speakers during every call.

Another amazing feature that is truly unique to the ClearOne MAX IP is its expandable daisy-chainable design that allows users to connect as many as four complete phones to cover larger spaces during bigger meetings. By doing this, the MAX IP offers a fully flexible solution the gives businesses the opportunity to easily increase their conference call capacity and provides long lasting support for a company as it builds and grows.

From an administrative perspective, the ClearOne MAX IP is highly compatible with popular IP-PBX platforms, making it incredibly easy to integrate into a business’s infrastructure with very little time or cost needed. As well as this, the machine also possesses a built in three way conference bridge and SRTP encryption to deliver secured voice communication over the company network.

What do we like the most?

Though we were impressed by many of the features present on the ClearOne MAX IP, the thing that really stood out to us the most was the unique and highly innovative expandable design that truly sets it apart from its competitors. With this feature, business are given much more flexibility towards conference calling and are able to easily expand the number of people involved in the call by simply connecting the machines together. This way, the ClearOne MAX IP offers great support for future growth and gives a much greater return on investment for businesses that can continue using these phones for conference calling for as long as they wish.

What do we think?

For companies looking for a solution that offers a high quality audio experience, that drastically improves productivity and ensures calls are secure and stable and can be easily integrated into the infrastructure with minimal effort, the ClearOne MAX IP is the perfect choice and we strongly recommend investing in this product. With a highly efficient and flexible design that promises to support businesses from humble beginnings right through to soaring heights and successful growth, this machine is a great investment for the future and we strongly believe that businesses of all types and sizes would benefit enormously from it.

Having said that, this is only our opinion and if you feel differently or have had any experiences with this conference phone in a business setting, we would very much like to hear what you have to say and implore you to submit your thoughts and opinions in the comments section located at the bottom of the page.

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