Snom D345 IP Phone Review

Snom D345 IP Phone Review

The Snom D345 Desk Telephone is the German Telecoms vendor’s new desktop SIP phone designed to deliver cost-effective communications support to a wide variety of different businesses.

Snom tells us that the D345 is one of the most reliable and user-friendly deskphones available on the market and delivers a unique set of features to help drastically improve business communication in a number of different ways– but how much truth is there in these claims?

In order to find out, we’ve decided to do a review on the product and test how well it lives up to Snom’s reputation as one of the world’s leading producers of high quality business phones.

How does it look?

Traditional and elegant in design, the D345 features a high resolution dual display and 12 configurable LED keys for added call control and would fit nicely on the desktop of any agent working in offices, receptions or call centres.

What can it do?

Supporting up to 12 SIP accounts, the D345 is fully flexible, ready to go right from the box with PoE connectivity and is interoperable with all major IP-PBX platforms.

With its high-resolution dual display that offers easy access to call and management features, customisable call lists and an address book, the D345 ensures every call runs smoothly and allows users to work efficiently and productively around the clock.

Alongside this, the 12 configurable, self-labelling, multi-coloured keys enable agents to personalise their device for added comfort and efficiency, while the second screen display offers support for virtual pages for added call control.

As well as this, the D345 also features a high-speed USB port to connect accessories such as headsets or WiFi sticks for much greater mobility, while a gigabit Ethernet switch allows the phone to quickly connect to LAN or VPN clients for additional security.

Tech Specs

Call Features: Speed dialling, URL dialling, Local dial plan, Automatic redial on busy, Call completion (busy/unreachable), Caller identification, Call waiting, Call blocking (deny list), Auto answer, Hold, Music on hold, Handling of up to 4 simultaneous calls, Blind and attended transfer, Call forwarding, 3-way conferencing on the phone, Extension monitoring, call pickup, Call park, call unpark, Multicast paging, DND mode (do not disturb), Keyboard lock, Client matter code (CMC), Unified Communications ready

Firmware Features: 12 SIP identities / accounts, XML browser, Call lists for dialled, received, missed calls, Local directory with 1000 entries, Multiple language support, DTMF in-band / out-of-band / SIP-INFO, Interoperable with all major IP-PBX platforms

Protocols: SIP (RFC3261), DHCP, NTP, HTTP / HTTPS / TFTP, LDAP (Directory), Dual Stack IPv4 / IPv6

What did we like most?

Though there are many useful features to choose from, we thought that the dual display screen was very innovative and really sets the D345 apart from the rest its competitors by delivering a unique approach to improving call management.

Who is it for?

User-friendly, cost-effective and built for large-scale deployment, we feel this phone is an ideal solution for end users and would really benefit SME users and/or agents working on a contact centre floor.

Where can I get more information?

For more information on the Snom endpoints range, take a look at the Snom homepage.

UC Today Opinion

After having tested all of its features in an active business environment, we can see that the D345 is a powerful tool that is both user-friendly and efficient in practice. Though simple in design, its affordable cost and diverse features make it an ideal investment for businesses looking to improve their communications and user productivity rates.

Do you have any experiences with the Snom D345 that you wish to share with others? How do you feel it compares with other desk phones available on the market? If there are any opinions you’d like to add or questions you wish to ask, please submit your thoughts to the comments & review section below.


4.1 out of 5

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