For years, the only way that companies could communicate with their colleagues and customers was through the PSTN. We relied almost exclusively on the Public Switched Telephone Network, and Private Branch Exchanges, which meant that the costs for connecting a global business were high.

Eventually, the internet came along, and forward-thinking companies began to wonder if they could send voice information through the same packets as their internet data. The era of Voice over Internet Protocol or "VoIP" began, and businesses of all sizes started jumping on the bandwagon. Now, we've got a new, even simpler solution to flexible, scalable and agile communications: UCaaS.

UCaaS, or Unified Communications as a Service is the next step forward in communications for the digitally transforming landscape. According to Markets and Markets, by 2021 the adoption of UCaaS among small to mid-sized businesses will double. This growth is being driven by everything from increasing demand for mobile to the need to deliver better customer services.

Simplicity as a Service: The Rise of UCaaS

UCaaS is just one of the many "as a service" models to emerge in the marketplace in recent years, spawned by the growth of cloud computing. Through the cloud, UCaaS simplifies the deployment and management of communication strategies. There's no need for a large in-house IT team to get started, as all of your support comes from the back-end in exchange for a monthly service fee.

With UCaaS, companies unlock the opportunity to integrate multiple communication strategies through a single, simplified cloud system. You can connect everything from your video conferencing to your enterprise messaging. What's more, you can also make sure that everyone in your team has access to the same tools - regardless of where they are.

UCaaS offers scalability and flexibility in a world that demands companies to be agile.

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