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Introducing Linkus Softphone by Yeastar

Yeastar is establishing itself among major players in UC, and Linkus is proof

Introducing Linkus Softphone by Yeastar

According to Research Report World’s Global Softphone Software Market Research Report, the global Softphone market is growing and expected to continue its momentum. Softphones offer perks such as flexibility, mobility, agility, and can save valuable desk space. Not to mention the cost savings passed down to call and contact centers because they eliminate the need for traditional desk phones.

These software-based phones do a great job at replicating traditional phone systems and have a user-friendly interface, boosting UX. Some softphones even offer video conferencing, voicemail management, chat as well as SMS. This kind of agility is just what a growing number of companies are on the lookout for, hunting for value and the convenience of working on the go.

Yeastar presents an attractive addition to the global Softphone market through Linkus, which enables high-level enterprise telephony functionalities. Yeastar also delivers a full range of UC and telephony products, its Cloud PBX and S-Series VoIP PBX being two of the company’s most popular. With Yeastar’s Cloud PBX, users can add click-to-call functionalities to their website, have the reassurance they won’t experience downtime thanks to enhanced failover, and more.

Meet Linkus UC Softphone

In sync with Yeastar’s Cloud PBX and S-Series VoIP PBX, Linkus Desktop Client includes all the features you want in a desk phone and reimagined them for mobile/desktop users. Enterprises using Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices can access seamless real-time business communication across their connected devices.

Yeastar’s Softphone distinguishes between personal and private calls, separating business and individual calls using cloud technology. Since Softphones route business comms through the Internet, there is security in knowing Yeastar masks your number in the event you need to answer a business call on-the-go.

What else can call and contact center agents do with Linkus?

  • Manage calls
  • Make/receive enterprise VoIP calls
  • Transfer, hold, mute, and record any phone number/extension

Call and contact center managers can set up call forwarding with ease, as well as check missed calls, call histories, manage voicemails, and enable one-touch-call recording. On top of that, Yeastar has taken workplace collaboration into account, offering features like:

  • Co-worker presence/call status
  • Instant messaging, group chat
  • Integration with CRM contacts

Overall, what Yeastar’s S-Series PBX extends is scalability, easy installation/management, and exceptional performance. The system is geared toward stand-alone telephone systems, and the enterprise-class IP telephony solution can host up to 500 users.

See Linkus in action

If you’re convinced a Softphone is the best route to go, give Linkus a try. Out of the countless Softphone apps on the market, Yeastar takes one of the most comprehensive approaches to mobile business telephony, providing a solid offering much needed in the current UC climate.

I personally recommend deploying Yeastar’s Linkus Softphone App for its simple setup process and the more apparent benefit of enhancing UX for mobile workers. You can see Linkus in action and find out more of its benefits below.

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