Sell, Sell, Sell! With Dialpad’s Latest Innovation

Read all about Dialpad Sell, Dialpad's new AI enhanced real-time sales coaching and optimisation service

Sell, Sell, Sell! With Dialpad’s Latest Innovation

Sales, and especially telephone sales, have always been a bit of a dark art. It has been difficult to quantify the reasons behind failure and even more challenging to highlight the nuances that allow certain individuals to succeed. Businesses have been trying to remove the shroud of mystery surrounding sales for years. Sales coaching has improved over the recent decades and now much more is understood about the psychology of successful sales practice. In the modern age the more relevant issue has surrounded logistics. How can you analyse and then coach all of your sales staff without a vast team of expert sales coaches, each with infinite time to review each salesperson’s processes? Dialpad think they have the answer.

Dan O’Connell Dialpad

Dan O’Connell, Dialpad

Last week, the disruptive communication specialist, launched its latest innovation aiming to transform a sector of the market, Dialpad Sell. The platform incorporates Dialpad’s expertise in Voice Intelligence to transcribe and digitise voice calls, then offers organisations detailed analytics relating to sentiment and content, all in real-time. UC Today spoke to Dialpad’s Chief Strategy Officer, Dan O’Connell, to find out more.

Dialpad Sell draws on the foundations laid by the company’s existing platforms. After acquiring TalkIQ in 2018 and introducing its VoiceAI offering, Sell, builds on the Dialpad Support platform which uses emerging technologies to enhance and improve real-time conversations between customers and agents in contact centres. Using speech recognition and natural language processing capabilities from TalkIQ allows Dialpad Sell to offer customers a transformative solution to radically enhance their outbound sales, without the need for a vast sales coaching teams.

“There was nobody in the market that was doing real-time transcription and offering understanding of conversations. We recognised that we could really leverage our expertise in cloud telephony, and then in speech recognition and NLP, to transform the sales process.”

Dialpad Sell Suggestion

Dialpad Sell offering a suggestion to overcome an objection

Sell can offer organisations enhancements across various aspects of the sales process. Recognising key words within conversations, such as competing brands, will immediately augment a live conversation with coaching tips, using LiveCoach, to offer counter balance in any discussion. Answering complex customer questions without the need to find reference material is also enabled, as LiveCoach will offer a selection suitable answers instantly to the agent. The system can also provide a check list or agenda tracking capabilities for the discussion, prompting sales staff to recall and relay any critical information relevant to the particular call. Having suitable information to overcome potential objections has always been a critical part of the sales process and Sell can provide this information to the agent as they come across potential obstacles. Even the delivery aspect of sales call can be improved with LiveCoach providing feedback on the conversational element of a salesperson’s performance.

“We can tell them to slow down, if they are speaking too fast. If they do a long rambling monologue we can tell them it’s probably a good time to ask a question.”

Traditionally, a critical facet of sales coaching has been helping agents to understand subtle cues from customers. This process has often been problematic with a significant length of service seemingly the only way to garner enough experience to truly recognise key buying or disgruntlement signals. Now with Sell’s live sentiment analysis agents with all levels of experience can see an indication of the customer’s intent. One of Dialpad’s key mantras has been the ability to offer its solutions across mediums. All of its solutions are designed to be mobile native, so as you would expect Sell is equally effective for the huge numbers of salespeople outside of an office who rely on their mobile phones as their key sales tool. O’Connell explains that this is another huge benefit as Dialpad can radically reduce the initial training time required for new salespeople.

“Part of the intention behind Dialpad Sell, and the features we have built, is to help customers on board new salespeople much more quickly. One of the hardest thing for new hires is getting on those first calls, as they are super nervous. This is a way you can utilise technology to say ‘your best sales rep is there, over your shoulder to help you as you have that conversation’.”

Dialpad Sell Sentiment and Alerts

Dialpad Sell Sentiment and Alerts

As well as its real-time live coaching features, Sell, also offers its users enhanced analytics after the event. Traditionally reviewing sales calls has required huge resource and the time for management, or coaches, to review calls from recordings and suggest potential improvements. One of Sell’s features, GameTape, enables organisations to immediately review and analyse previous call transcriptions, and it also provides a host of enhancement suggestions based on previous data. Full search functionality allows management to pick individual aspects of a call but also better visualise developing trends. Not only does this allow management the opportunity to improve future calls but it also creates the capability for more strategic analytics of an entire sales process. Allowing organisations to compare individual performances but also review overall team performance provides insight into their sales and marketing effectiveness as a whole.

“You can unlock this data set for the entire business. Over a period of time, that business is able to make quantifiable decisions based on the data that actually happened. “

Integrating with other vital business platforms is another key focus for Sell. CRM compatibility, including call logging, with CRM systems including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics offers organisations further efficiency savings. Dialpad has already had huge success with its existing portfolio, leveraging AI technology to offer customers truly transformative features across its product set. O’Connell believes that Dialpad Sell might yet prove to be the most disruptive aspect of its entire portfolio.

“Its (Dialpad Sell’s) popularity has already exceeded our expectations. What’s unique is that people understand we are processing, analysing and augmenting these conversations as they happen. Nobody else has seen that and people are realising all of the applications that this technology can solve. We think Dialpad Sell can be a massive business.”

Conquering the final frontier of data, in terms of voice, and using that to transform the sales process could be vastly popular across vertical markets and geographies, and with Dialpad’s recent EMEA launch this is unlikely to be its last area of disruption.

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AvatarRob Scott 16:46, 31 May 2019

Very cool application of technology. Really powerful sales tool with a fantastic ROI.

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