AudioCodes Introduces Room Experience Suite

The latest from AudioCodes helps make every meeting more productive

AudioCodes Introduces Room Experience Suite

Israel is home to some of the best and brightest, known for moving technology forward. The tiny country of eight million goes by ‘Startup Nation,’ and has over 6,000 active tech companies. It, therefore, makes sense that one of the most innovative companies in the world is Israeli.

I recently visited one of Israel’s hubs of innovation, AudioCodes HQ, just outside of Tel Aviv to sit down with Nimrode Borovsky. He’s the company’s Enterprise General Manager and heads up global marketing and business development teams. In our two hours together, we covered a lot. But for the sake of time, I’ll focus on what Borovsky called ‘a major announcement.’

Introducing the ‘Room Experience Suite‘ (RX Suite) by AudioCodes.

What is the ‘Room Experience Suite?’

Nimrode Borovsky

Nimrode Borovsky

Borovsky said the RX Suite consists of a portfolio of meeting room solutions that enhance meeting productivity through ‘excellent voice quality’ plus post-meeting analytics and action item follow up. The RX suite includes conferencing devices that address a wide range of meeting room environments from huddle rooms to boardrooms. The Suite brings together AudioCodes and Dolby expertise in voice and audio technologies, delivering an exceptional meeting experience.

To make life easier for IT Pros, they can provision and manage devices via its Device Manager, a part of AudioCodes’ comprehensive ‘One Voice Operations Center’ management suite. This helps IT staff take a more proactive approach to management and repair. He told me it does so by sending IT an alert if a meeting room device is not functioning, prompting them to fix the issue before upcoming scheduled meetings.

We depend on technology not to fail us most during critical moments like sales meetings and demos. The irony is, this is when technology seems to fail most and all of us have had the experience of arriving in a meeting room only to waste the first ten minutes of the meeting trying to get a conference started.

AudioCodes hopes to stop this from happening, by empowering IT managers to take charge of equipment before end-users have poor experiences. The ‘OneVoice Management Suite’ can send alerts for anything from unplugged devices, to dead batteries, and can detect weak infrastructure, creating an attractive offering for enterprises that want to enhance CX and UX.

Meeting Room Insights’ by AudioCodes

AudioCodes takes on productivity with ‘Meeting Room Insights.’ Insights can record, analyze, and share information from meetings including slides, recordings, transcripts, etc. If there are six people in a meeting, keeping track of who said what can be tough. With ‘Insights,’ everyone invited to a meeting automatically receives a link of the recording and transcript after the call, even those who couldn’t attend. They can see the slides shared in real-time, and a transcript of what everyone said.

This provides context for meeting attendees, so they aren’t left guessing how they reached the conclusion they came to. Such features are invaluable for compliance, and might even be useful if a legal agreement takes place and someone not in attendance has to write the draft agreement. They would then understand the context of what was said, based on a transcript that provides the insight.


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