Cisco ATA190 Analogue Telephone Adapter Review

Read about Cisco ATA190 analogue telephone adapter

Cisco ATA190 Analogue Telephone Adapter Review

The Cisco ATA190 Analogue Telephone Adapter is one of the Californian-based multi-national’s latest solutions to help ensure businesses from all backgrounds can protect any existing investments in analogue telephones.

As one of the world’s leading telco developers with an annual revenue of around $49.24billion (2016), there’s much to be expected from Cisco – but how much does the Cisco ATA190 Analogue Telephone Adapter live up to these expectations?

In order to find out, we have decided to write an in-depth review on what the conference phone has to offer, what benefits it can bring to businesses and what businesses can benefit most from investing in it.

How does it look?

Subtle and discreet in design, the Cisco ATA190 Analogue Telephone Adapter will fit inconspicuously into any office environment, offering countless benefits without taking up valuable space within a company’s infrastructure.

What can it do?

For any businesses that are looking to upgrade to VoIP but already have numerous existing investments in non-compatible analogue telephones, the Cisco ATA190 Analogue Telephone Adapter offers an instant solution that will transform traditional phones into VoIP-ready phones with immediate effect.

Delivering clear, natural sounding audio quality and providing support for up to 2 separate voice ports, each with its own independent number, the Cisco ATA190 Analogue Telephone Adapteris a brilliant tool that instantly resolves the issue of analogue/VoIP incompatibility.

As well as providing a single RJ-45 10/100 BASE-T Ethernet port, the Cisco ATA190 Analogue Telephone Adapter can also use existing Ethernet LANs in addition to broadband pipes such as DSL, fixed wireless and cable deployments for much wider flexibility options that suit every type of business.

When connected with the Cisco ATA190, businesses can also benefit from numerous other cost-saving applications such as user configuration, full-duplex capability, central provisioning, SIP support, SIP services such as dynamic IP address assignment and VLAN configuration.

What did we like most about it?

As we progress into the future and cloud telephony becomes a more and more dominant due to its innumerable benefits and cost-saving features, the fact that the Cisco ATA190 Analogue Telephone Adapter enables businesses to reap the benefits without sacrificing their analogue investments is a phenomenal feature.

Who is it for?

As we have already mentioned, the Cisco ATA190 Analogue Telephone Adapter is aimed specifically at any business looking to move to VoIP whilst simultaneously securing their existing analogue investments.

Where can I get more information?

For more information on the Cisco endpoints range, take a look at the Collaboration Endpoints page.

UC Today Opinion

For many businesses, digital transformation is a gradual process and, as with hybrid PBXs, the Cisco ATA190 Analogue Telephone Adapter provides the perfect solution for businesses looking to reap the benefits of VoIP without sacrificing previous investments in analogue.

Have you had any experiences with the Cisco ATA190 Analogue Telephone Adapter that you wish to share? Do you think it successfully enhances the capabilities of agents during calls? Do you feel it lives up to Cisco’s world-class reputation? If you have any thoughts you wish to share, please feel free to submit them to our comments & review section below.

3.1 out of 5

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