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Mitel 6867 IP Phone Review – the most popular Mitel cloud phone?

Mitel SIP Phone Review

Mitel 6867 IP Phone Review – the most popular Mitel cloud phone?

As one of the most well known and highly respected brands in the telecommunications industry, Mitel has established itself as a world leader in providing a wide range of cutting-edge communication tools that have helped unify businesses and bring them closer together with their clients and peers like never before.

With this in mind, we have decided to write a detailed review on Mitel’s latest product, the Mitel 6867 SIP Phone, listing all the features and benefits available on the product and giving our opinion on what types of users and businesses would benefit most from it.

However, before we continue we must stress that we are not selling this product, and any information you read should be taken only as friendly advice from a team of researchers with years of experience in the telecoms industry.

What is the Mitel 6867 SIP Phone?

According to Mitel, the 6867 SIP Phone is an enterprise-level, fully featured desktop phone designed for any executive use and those who demand a highly reliable, multi-functional communication tool that adds flexibility and increases productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

With its subtle-yet-impressive 3.5” colour backlit LCD display and remarkable HD audio quality, it goes without saying that the 6867 is a luxury phone designed for a businessperson looking for a device that oozes class and sophistication.

What are the basics?

As with all Mitel branded SIP phones, users can expect enterprise-level HD quality audio for crisp, unmistakably clear sound quality on every call. As well as this, the 6867 also offers users staple communication features like Call Hold, Transfer, Forward, DND, Redial and Voicemail access all at the click of a button for quick and efficient call control.

What makes this phone special?

As a SIP phone, the Mitel 6867 can save businesses a lot of money on call costs by allowing users to make all of their business calls (both local and international) through a VoIP system, meaning mass savings are going to be gained when compared to the cost of calls made on an traditional analogue or digital system.

Alongside this, the 6867 phone also offers support for up to 24 lines (when connected to an expansion module), 6 programmable keys that can be set to suit the needs of each individual user, 4 programmable context sensitive keys and Gigabit throughput for PC connectivity.

Moreover, it also offers USB headset support and features an innovative headset port that uniquely provides dual support for DHSG/EHS and modular 4-pin headset connections. Users with wireless headsets that support DHSG/EHS can connect directly to the 6867 using standard third party cables.

What bits do we love the most?

In terms of flexibility and productivity enhancement, we really appreciated the fact that the users are able to easily customise the function keys present on the handset in order to access the features they are most likely to use in the fastest time possible. As well as this, we were thoroughly impressed by the high quality audio technology that really does deliver excellent, lifelike results in terms of voice clarity.

We also loved the sophisticated yet minimalist design of the handset and the high-resolution 3.5” backlit colour LCD screed that delivers a truly stunning visual display. Though beautiful to look at and obviously equipped with some of the most sophisticate, high end handset technology, the 6867 is still remarkably user-friendly and finding your way through its navigation system is a walk in the park.

Who’s this phone for?

Mitel 6867 With its elegant design, ease of use and abundance of useful feature that help improve call quality and equip the caller with the tools they need to boost productivity in the workplace, the 6867 is a phone that is suitable for almost every type of business and individual user. Easily deployable and, at a cost of approximately £150.00/$180.00, it is an affordable solution that delivers impeccable results without breaking the bank.

How compatible is this phone?

We have been informed that this phone needs MiVoice Business, MiVoice Border Gateway (teleworker) and MiCollab Client to work properly so make sure that your business is operating on these phone systems before committing to the purchase.

Where can you buy this phone?

After a quick search on Google, we can see that this handset is available from numerous online stores at the aforementioned price.

So what do we think?

For the right individual/business this phone is a dream come true and we truly believe that it possesses many features that can really help improve productivity and bring companies into the 21st century.

However, this is only our opinion of the Mitel 6867 SIP Phone and if you have anything you’d like to add or any personal experiences with this product that you wish to share, please feel free to submit them to our comments section below so others may learn from your experience.

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AvatarKristof from Hanssens Telecom (Belgium) 09:06, 13 Jun 2017

Because it’s a SIP phone, it also works perfect on the MiVoice Office 400 and MiVoice 5000. Thanks to XML support, you can add some nice features to the phone as well.

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