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Fuze Buyers Guide
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Published: March 13, 2019

Rebekah Carter - Writer

Rebekah Carter

A business designed for the modern, agile world of communications, Fuze is an innovative organisation offering state-of-the-art cloud-based technology. Since 2006, Fuze has developed a reputation for being one of the most versatile platforms for video, voice, messaging and contact centre support in the world.

Not only does this competitor offer modern user experiences, but it also understands how important it is for today’s organisations to maintain a streamlined business flow in an environment defined by information overwhelm.

Today, we’ll be exploring everything there is to know about Fuze, including the products it can deliver into your communications stack.

Introducing Fuze: A UCaaS Market Leader

Fuze was fist established as “ThinkingPhones” in 2006 by founders Steven Kokinos, and Derek Yoo. When Yoo and Kokinos built the foundations of Fuze, they did so with a vision of changing the way that people work together using cloud-based technology and Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS). Today, 12 years later, the same vision continues to drive the company, headquartered in Boston, helping it to connect with a broader range of evolving consumers.

The Fuze product portfolio encompasses solutions for video conferencing, voice, instant messaging, text messaging, and collaboration. The flagship application, Fuze’s UCaaS platform, combines all of those features together in a single cloud-based environment, delivered over mobile devices and traditional phone systems.

Primarily, Fuze focuses on mid-market and enterprise customers, offering state-of-the-art solutions for companies that can’t afford to compromise on customer experience. Fuze also delivers real-time intelligence and analytics to help today’s businesses pull insights from the interactions they have with their consumers.

Fuze has significant clients around the world, including Macys, Starbucks, Sony, Century 21, Arm and Hammer and Marketo.

As an employer, Fuze is one of the most impressive UC companies around, with a Glassdoor rating of 4.4 out of 5. The communications company also became one of Inc. magazine’s “Best Workplaces” in 2018.

Fuze Revenue and Top Competitors

As a leading cloud communications platform provider, and innovator in collaboration, Fuze has seen phenomenal growth in recent years. Part of Fuze’s success can be attributed to the rising demand for cloud, and the scalable flexible technology solutions that come with it. In 2018, Fuze announced record results for the previous financial year, including a 50% increase in subscription revenue. The company also reported $134 million in new funding and a 500% growth in daily active users.

Fuze currently competes with 8×8, Microsoft and Cisco in offering an enhanced combination of text, videoconferencing and phone services over the cloud.

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What Does Fuze Do Best?

Fuze is best-known for it’s Unified Communications as a Service platform, designed to adapt according to the way that people work in today’s modern environment. Fuze offers agile and reliable communications through a global platform that scales according to business needs. The secure Fuze UC strategy combines voice, video and messaging through a simple, easy-to-understand application to connect employees on any device.

Fuze also has experience supporting the customer contact environment, with contact centre solutions enhanced by real-time and historical analytics.

Fuze has achieved many accolades, including:

  • Inclusion on the Fastest Growing Companies list by Deloitte
  • Visionary status in Gartner’s UCaaS Magic Quadrant 2018
  • Leader in the UCaaS market for Synergy’s market reports in 2017 & 2018
  • Leadership award for UCaaS and Converged conferencing delivered by Frost and Sullivan
  • Inclusion on Forbes’ Cloud 100 for three consecutive years

The Fuze Product Portfolio

Fuze sets itself apart with a cloud-first portfolio capable of adapting to the needs of their target audience. With a flexible and robust list of cloud communications and contact centre software, Fuze can enable faster adoption speeds among its users, as well as enhanced employee engagement and increased efficiency in communication. Some of the most popular products in the Fuze UC and contact centre portfolios include:

Fuze Enterprise Voice

The Fuze Enterprise Voice platform is a cloud communications solution that provides modern companies with access to the same security and functionality of a traditional PBX, combined with the versatility of the cloud.

Fuze Enterprise Voice eliminates the CapEX spend of traditional on-premise voice solutions and helps today’s organisations to access the cost-effective and efficient carrier networks they need. Fuze also boasts one of the most secure and resilient global cloud infrastructures in the world, with a Q-o-S engineered network for best-in-class enterprise voice.

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Fuze Enterprise Voice and Modern Messaging

Today, the communication marketplace is gradually moving beyond the restrictions of voice, to consider other modes of communication. With the Fuze cloud-based voice and modern messaging platform, you get a combined communications experience that gives your users the flexibility to stay in touch however they see fit.

This UC service from Fuze ensures that your people can stay connected using desk phones, mobile devices, laptops and more. Additionally, because IM, group messaging, telephony and presence are all contained within the same simple app, there’s no need for constant switching between devices to find the best way to connect with a colleague. Fuze Enterprise Voice and Modern Messaging paves the way for the combination of unified communication and collaboration.

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Fuze HD Audio and Video Conferencing

The rise of new trends in the marketplace like remote working and globalisation means that many organisations need to work harder to create immersive interactions between their co-workers. Fortunately, brands like Fuze are investing in modern solutions to these communication problems, like HD audio and video conferencing intended to bring people around the world together in a highly productive environment, regardless of the device they’re using or the location they’re in.

Fuze HD audio and video conferencing provides the resources companies need for face-to-face meetings whether it’s a one-on-one conversation or a discussion with hundreds of participants at once.

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Fuze Real-Time Content Sharing

Another way that Fuze is supporting the remote working and distributed employee environment, is by giving employees the opportunity to collaborate on their own terms. Real-time content and screen sharing ensures that you can collaborate with your team members in real-time, regardless of where in the world you’re located.

Fuze real-time content sharing supports HD playback, 4k images, and delivers a selection of mark-up tools perfect for detailed projects. Real-time content sharing also acts as a remote desktop control system, so that employees on the move can access their workplace desktop from a distance.

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Fuze Platform Analytics

As communication becomes more complex, and companies begin to recognise the growing importance of customer experience as a key differentiator, everyone is looking for a new way to tap into the benefits of big data. Fuze provides their customers with access to the most useful insights into their communication stack, with a unified analytics platform featuring customisable reports.

The Fuze Platform Analytics solution provides an overview of your communication environment, showcasing important details like workforce performance, usage trends and even customer engagement. Organisations can aggregate their data into customisable reports, ideal for highlighting the need for important changes in the business environment.

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Fuze Web

Fuze Web is the technology company’s response to collaboration and communication delivered through WebRTC technology. By delivering a browser-based approach to communications, Fuze gives companies access to rich conferencing, voice, video and group messaging services without asking users to download any excess applications or software. All you need to do to take part in a Fuze Web conference is click on a link. The service will take you directly to a secure location where you can complete your conference with confidence.

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Fuze Contact Centre

While Fuze’s main speciality is unified communications, they also have a great deal of skill to offer when supporting contact centres too. Their background in analytics and technology makes Fuze the perfect partner for companies who want to unlock useful insights into their customers and use those insights to deliver unparalleled service and support. Fuze provides multi-channel contact centre solutions supporting SMS, video conferencing and voice.

The Fuze contact centre offerings also include state-of-the-art features like skills-based routing to help ensure that customers make the right connections for every conversation. There’s also Workforce Management features available for companies who have agent requirements that change with the seasons.

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