What is UCaaS (Unified Communication as a Service)?

Discover Unified Communications as a Service

Understanding the communication solutions that are available in the IT industry today is essential to making sure that your company has access to the services it needs most. UCaaS, or Unified Communications as a Service is a solution in which all of the collaboration and communication tools that an employee must use can be accessed through a third-party, provided by an integrated cloud platform.

The main difference between traditional communication solutions and UCaaS, is that unified communications are more straight-forward and refined. Rather than using a wide number of providers and platforms, leading to a high initial outlay and costly maintenance, you access one single and unified platform form a single provider. UCaaS is therefore more efficient and elegant than a standard communications service.

What Can You Get from UCaaS?

With a UCaaS model, businesses can gain access to everything they need for comprehensive communication solutions within their organisation. This might include audio, web and video conferencing, alongside quick solutions like voicemail, email, and instant messaging.

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Users can better access information about presence – pinpointing who’s online at any given time, and use voice and video data to enhance collaboration. Applications can be shared throughout a network, and a comprehensive user experience can be delivered to everyone in a network across mobile, phone and desktop devices, because everything is delivered on the cloud.

The unique design of a UCaaS system means that customers benefit from:

  • Increased productivity – Easy collaboration through voice, messaging or conferencing solutions
  • Flexibility and scalability – Pay as you go solutions allow you to pick and choose your services
  • Increased reliability – Software is constantly updated automatically and security is always monitored
  • Reduced expenses for operation – Long distance charges are eliminated and frequent business travel is minimised
  • Limited capital expenses – The need to maintain costly in-house services is removed

Features for Every Business

The UCaaS system is a highly flexible and versatile solution for growing businesses. From free calls between units, to the elimination of long-distance call charges, you can improve the efficiency and productivity of your organisation while minimising the amount you spend on costly hardware and software solutions. With pay-as-you-go models, you can even make the choice to upgrade and adapt your UCaaS solutions as the needs of your business change.

UCaaS services allow you to access call-forwarding services to provide a better customer experience from a business perspective, and can allow you to use a single number regardless of where you are. In other words, it makes it easier for people to contact you. Additionally, with UCaaS solutions you can rely on your provider to maintain the hardware you access on your behalf, including software and data storage solutions.

Today, customers from Fortune 500 companies to government entities and even small businesses are benefiting from the unique advantages that UCaaS solutions have to offer.


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